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Amy Bell Yoga Blog Post. Interconnection, Shifts & Positive Changes to mind and body

I discussed in my previous blog that life is one big interconnection and due to this, multiple shifts happen when you change one area of your life.  Here is what happened to me…


When my yoga practice started to deepen and I felt its cleansing quality, I found myself not wanting to drink alcohol (been tee-total since 2013) and even though I had a pretty “clean” diet at this point (limited processed, refined and sugary foods) I wanted to eat more purely. As my yoga practice had become a daily practice I would want to eat cleansing, healing, whole foods daily.  Foods that would nourish and improve my health, just as the yoga was doing.  I also decided to take myself off the contraceptive pill as I didn’t want anything artificially controlling my hormones anymore.  Positive physical changes occurred and I started to feel and look healthier.


I was starting to become more sensitive to the stimuli around me, the environments in which I found myself and the effect it would have on my mood and wellbeing.  It’s easy as we grow up to stay attached to the person we used to be or identify with and not assess our current state of being.  I started being more honest with myself, questioning my likes and dislikes and what was making me feel good or not.  I was becoming more aware of both my own and others thoughts, words, beliefs and actions and the consequences they would have.  I felt awake and empowered now that I was living more consciously and it felt good to be more aligned and connected with my truth.


I had heard about veganism but never connected with it, it often came up in Jivamukti classes I was attending and I saw books on the shelves however nothing clicked.  But soon enough, there was a shift, and from all different angles I was hearing more about it and I was ready to listen.  It all started making sense and resonated so deeply with every part of me that I made the transition to becoming vegan in 2015.  Four years later I am still living the plant powered way and am loving it (and so is my body).


Becoming vegan led me towards learning more about the environment and the choices we make on a daily basis that affect our ecosystems.  I started to feel more responsible in looking after the planet and began doing the best I could with the new knowledge I had, to living life a little ‘greener’.  I even became more conscious about what I was purchasing, who I was purchasing it from, how it was being produced and what trade I was supporting through buying it.  There’s so much more to learn and that I could do, and plan to do, but we all have to start somewhere.  I’m excited to be on the journey of living more socially and environmentally responsible.


For me, honouring the interconnectedness of everything we can see, touch, hear, feel and experience is key in helping us live more healthily, radiantly and consciously.  If we begin looking after our physical health but fail to look after our emotional and mental health we are in trouble.  If we lack compassion and don’t look out for or look after others then we are in trouble.  If we don’t look after the health of mother earth we are in trouble.  So…Say yes to caring about your ‘whole’ self.  Say yes to caring about the wellbeing and livelihood of others.  Say yes to caring for nature and all the animals and life that supports the eco-systems that keeps us alive.

Yoga is more than just fancy poses, it’s such a powerful, multi-faceted and functional tool to help you in so many different areas in your life that you may be struggling with or which lack balance.   In sharing my personal experience with yoga and how it has positively affected my health, outlook, and approach to life, I hope it has given you a taste of how transformational yoga can be.  I also hope it has sparked some inspiration within you to start or continue practicing yoga and to embrace life a little more holistically.

Peace and Love,

Amy x 

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