08.30 – 09.30

Vinyasa Flow – Level 1/2

1:1 Classes

For private sessions in person or via Zoom please get in touch.

Why partake online...

  • They are the perfect way to keep you accountable and keep up your yoga practice.
  • They keep us connected and safe during these unsettled times of separation.
  • These practices will offer feel-good medicine for your body, mind, and soul to support your health and improve your overall well-being.
  • Online classes can lead to self practice as you start to develop the confidence to practice at home away from the physical presence of the teacher and without the structure of a studio experience.
  • You still have the community class feeling seeing others join online also.
  • You still gain the benefits from the practice.

How to partake...



  • Laptop (or another device you can access Zoom on). 
  • Yoga mat (ideally).
  • Yoga props (if you have – 2 cork bricks, 1 strap and 1 bolster).



  • To buy class packs and book onto the class head over to the Yoga West website.

What to expect...

  • Integrative yoga classes that interweave themes, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, and mudras into a creative, mindful asana practice.
  • Intelligently sequenced flows that vary from strong and powerful, to more juicy and stretchy, depending on the thematic and postural focus that week.
  • The class will safely and playfully lead you up to a challenging peak pose and will support not only your physical progression but also your soul’s journey towards greater wellbeing.
  • As the classes are live I will be able to see you practice and give you guidance and feedback.

For healthy, radiant, conscious living, come practise yoga with me.

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