“Amy’s classes are by far and away the most enjoyable yoga classes that I have been to in London. Amy is clearly very knowledgeable but has a warmth about her and is both engaging and approachable. Her classes are unique and always remain interesting each week. She is always on hand to help and guide, and although I am incredibly stiff and inflexible I find her very supportive, whilst still offering a good challenge.”

(Susie Hughes)

“Amy teaches beautiful classes with a great balance of challenging sequences, breathing and relaxation time.  I like how Amy creates sequences with a purpose to work specific body areas in preparation for the peak postures”.                   

(Ingrid Sanchez)

“Amy is an amazing yoga teacher.  My private lessons with her kick-started my practice and have been an important part of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  Highly recommended.”                                                                             

(John Lutzius)

“I enjoy Amy’s positive energy and approach in class each week.  There is always a new focus in the class (both for the body and the mind) which I find beneficial. As a beginner to Yoga I do not feel intimidated or anxious, she creates an environment where I feel I can try/have a go and hopefully improve week by week. In addition to this, the classes feel calm and relaxed giving me time to feel mindful and less anxious/stressed – one of the reasons I chose to take up Yoga in the first place.”


“Amy’s class is fun and challenging. The class will keep you on your toes, as you never know which direction it might take.”

(Nicole Wirth)

“Amy is warm and knowledgeable and able to gauge the needs of the class.  She is very fluid in both her teaching methods and her attitude. ”

(Zoe Goodchild)

“Amy is a true professional, I look forward to her classes each week, she is positive and very inspirational, her teaching method is amazing, I have learnt so much from her classes and built up a lot of strength, she lifts your spirit and by the end of the session you feel fulfilled and rejuvenated.”

(Cynthia Pitters)

“Amy’s knowledge and mix of practical and spiritual is truly amazing.  I feel I have found a great teacher. I like that it starts with a quote and that you are pushed each week to go that little bit further.  I find Amy to be really calming, knowledgeable and inspiring.”

(Alan Patterson)

“A wonderful teacher – Amy is very professional but very approachable & after her class you will feel so much better in mind, body & soul.  I always enjoy her words before we start the class as she makes you think about yourself & your actions that affect others. ”

(Lisa Lightbrown

“I love her classes. Every class by Amy is unique, full of thoughtfulness and creativity, meticulously prepared & always refreshing. A combination of hard work, inspiring guidance and there is always something new, something we’ve never done before.”

(Juliet Rowe)

“I met Amy when she covered one of my yoga classes and was hooked! So now I go where she goes.”

(Rida Bahsoon)

“Very grateful to find someone whose classes I leave a stronger person.”

(Xenia Flint)                                                                   

“Amy is a brilliant teacher, she makes time and offers support to ensure that clients are able to do the correct pose. If not, Amy would physically carry out the pose alongside her clients, or a little hand-on to manipulate the pose, which is so important and helpful to get the pose right from the beginning to build confidence. It’s an enjoyable yoga class.”

(Camilla Peters)

“Amy is an exceptional instructor, she is warm and calm with complete knowledge of postures & breathing. I really like her very different postures from others…”

(Amita Mantri)

“Amy is super kind and incredibly patient! I like how she starts every session with an inspiring quote and every class has a theme, I really love that; it really stays with me.”


“I thoroughly enjoy my classes with Amy. They are a welcome break from the busy city life here in London where I’m able to completely disconnect. It’s obvious that Amy is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her classes that are varied and interesting every time.  The classes themselves seem well thought through and varied. All levels of ability are catered for and Amy seems perceptive and empathetic to each individual’s needs. Oh, and the music selection is great 🙂 ”

(Elliot Cox)

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoy attending your classes.  The variety in format is brilliant and the pitch for the range of abilities is spot on. It is always evident that you have put a lot of thought and consideration into planning what you will teach each practice and I personally feel that I am benefiting from that effort.  In addition to the practice, the ending of your classes with either Charlie Chaplin quotes or healing hands on shoulders/head are a perfectly simple but powerful way of guiding us to support our own focus both mentally and physically.  I definitely always leave feeling better than when I walk in and generally feel more positive.”

(Charlie O’Brien)