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The past is gone.

The future is not here.

Now I am free of both.

Now I choose joy.

Deepak Chopra

In order to live with more contentment, peace and joy it’s important that we pay attention and take care of our mental and emotional health.

That’s the great thing about Yoga, it’s a mind, body, soul practice that directly affects the quality of our lives.

Many teachings point us in the direction of working with present moment awareness to gain more control over our outlook on life.

When lost in thought, past or future, the mind has a hold on us.  However, when we stand in full presence we have a choice of how we perceive, react and respond in any given moment.

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

A. R. Bernard

Amy Olivia Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Blog

Here are some personal tips to support the wellbeing of your head and heart…

Exercise #1

  1. Take 3 deep breaths, drop your awareness into your heart space, feel/visualise a warm green glow (Anahata Chakra Colour).
  2. State three things that you are appreciating in life right now.
  3. Remind yourself of three current positive aspects about yourself.

Exercise #2

  1. During the day notice when you are absorbed in past thoughts, and whether they have a hold over you in any way.  If so, drop back into the NOW and choose joy.  To help you, practice steps 1-3 in Exercise #1.
  2. During the day notice when you become fixated on the future, get anxious about things yet to be achieved or daunted by the unknown that lies ahead.  If so, drop back into the NOW and choose joy.  To help you, practice steps 1-3 in Exercise #1.
  3. As you go about your day try and be fully present, with yourself, with family, with your work even during those tempting mind-wandering moments in-between engaging activities.

Exercise #3

  1. On a daily basis, possibly during your meditation, practice self-inquiry and ask yourself… How are you helping your mind grow in a healthy way?
  2. What are you feeding your mind with? What are you reading, watching, what conversations are you engaging with, what’s the nature of your inner dialogue?
  3. What changes can you make to live more in the present and cultivate a healthier mind and mindset?
Hope these practices help you, just remember to stay awake, stay aware, keep inquiring and keep appreciating.


Today I choose joy…  What are you choosing?

Peace + Love

Amy x 



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