Golden Mylky – Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte

Here I share with you my homemade Turmeric plant-based latte filled with lots of golden healthy goodness, a perfect winter warmer, and delicious post yoga drink...

Handy Tips:

1. You don't need all these ingredients to make this drink, it still works if one or two are missing, Turmeric, however is key. If you are a fan of a particular ingredient, include more, if you dislike one then omit it.
2. This is definitely one of those recipes where over time you will adjust the measurements according to your taste preferences.
3. It's often nice to place the spices into the mylk a few hours before you want it, so when you go to heat it the mylk has had time for the flavours to infuse more intensely.
Once warmed you can leave ingredients in the mylk to steep for several hours before straining to enhance the flavour.


Turmeric – The ground and fresh version taste a little bit different.  I like using a little of both.  Fresh turmeric, around 4 little slices, is a little sweeter but ground turmeric, roughly 1/8 Teaspoon, adds to the yellowy colour better.

Cinnamon – 4 sticks.  Or for more potency, you can use ground cinnamon 1/4 – 1/6 Teaspoon.  I sometimes use both as I try to limit the ground ingredients as they can make the drink a little ‘silty’ unless you strain it well with a fine sieve once warmed.

Ginger – Ground and fresh also taste different.  Again, I like to mix it up and use a little bit of both.  4-6 medium-sized slices of fresh and or 1-2 pinches of ground.

Star Anise – 2/3 full stars.

Cloves – Around 4.

Black Peppercorns – Around 6.

Coriander Seeds –  A good teaspoon.

Cayenne Pepper – A tiny or medium-sized pinch (depending on if you want it to have a hot kick or not).  Don’t use smoked Cayenne.

Chilli Powder – A tiny pinch (you might consider using only one of the hot spices (Cayenne or Chilli) if you have a sensitive palette – which I do, but I get away with it by only using little pinches of both).

Cardamom Pods – Around 6.

Nutmeg – Freshly ground.  2-3 pinches.

Vanilla Powder/Essence – 1/4 Teaspoon of essence (or more).  2-3 pinches of powder.

Plant-Based Milk (Mylk) – 1 cup.  Almond, Coconut, Rice, Hemp or Oat milk will all work, although Oatly Barista is best for creating a thicker creamier consistency.  However, some mylks are sweeter than others.  Rude Health almond milk is my favourite shop bought one (limited, no nasties, ingredients), and I won’t need to use any sweetener as it is mixed with rice milk which adds some natural sweetness. A blend of those two milks is amazing.

Natural Sweetener – If needed, I would use either coconut nectar, coconut sugar, rice syrup, maple syrup, date syrup, or agave.

Turmeric Latte Ingredients Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Blog Post Recipe


  • Simply place all ingredients together, apart from the sweetner, into a pan. 
  • Warm slowly, stirring occasionally, until desired temperature is reached.
  • Taste and add sweetener if needed.  
  • Stir and pour through a little sieve/strainer.  Whatever is caught in the strainer can be reused again, topped up with some extra ingredients for desired flavour and potency. (After two uses of strained ingredients the flavours become a little too mellow.)


Turmeric – Contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.  It can aid your digestion and improve liver function.  It may help reduce the risk of cancer.

CinnamonLowers blood sugar levels and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect.  Therefore it’s great to add to your smoothies, porridge and fruit bowls etc.  Studies have shown that a variety of other medical conditions can be improved (or in some way positively affected) through the use of cinnamon, including, Alzheimer’s, HIV, multiple sclerosis and chronic wounds.

Cayenne Pepper – Contains capsaicin, which is what makes it spicy but also helps reduce appetite, increase fat burning and provide pain relief.    (Some animal studies have also found capsaicin to combat certain forms of cancer, including lung, liver and prostate cancer and may have anti-cancer properties.)

Ginger – Can treat nausea by having a calming effect on your gut lining and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cardamom – It’s known to soothe an upset stomach, it’s especially high in minerals like magnesium and zinc.  It may also help fight inflammation

Chilli Peppers – Are known to boost your metabolism and help keep blood vessels healthy.

ClovesHigh in antioxidants, can kill off bacteria, may protect against cancerimprove liver health, help regulate blood sugar, promote bone health and reduce stomach ulcers

Black PepperHigh in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, may improve brain function, blood sugar metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, promote gut health and boost nutrient absorption.

Star Anise – It’s an impressive source of several powerful bioactive compounds — all of which are vital contributors to good health.  It has antiviral capabilities, antifungal properties and antibacterial benefits.

Nutmeg – Has antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties.  Contains powerful antioxidantsmay boost libido, benefit heart health, and improve blood sugar control.

Coriander Seeds – Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.  May help lower blood sugarbenefit heart health, protect brain health, protect your skin, fight infections and promote digestion and gut health.



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