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In a world where hard work dominates, in a culture that is obsessed with being busy and in a society that is driven to achieve and acquire… it’s time we had some FUN.

Fun (Noun): Enjoyment, amusement, light-hearted pleasure.

Fun is a funny one…

There is play, which is a great access point towards having fun, whether that’s spontaneous play (eg. breaking out into handstands on the beach), or organised play (e.g pre-planned game of basketball).  

I once heard something along these lines: Rest is the antidote for feeling Overworked, Play is the antidote for feeling Depressed.  Obviously, it’s very generalised, but I like what it’s hinting at.

There are non-goal-orientated activities which you may take pleasure in doing and enjoy the process of, like going for a dip in the sea just for the fun of it.

There are also necessary goal-orientated activities which you may find fun, baking a birthday cake for example.

For those who find doing goal-orientated activities fun, then that’s great, but the downside can be the tendency to not dedicate specific time to having fun for the sole purpose of having fun.

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog


Question 1.

When was the last time you had fun that wasn’t part of a process of achieving x, y or z. 

What moments in the previous 7 days did you experience fun, for fun’s sake?


Question 2.

What does fun, for the fun of it, feel like to you?

Here are some words that describe how fun feels for me…

  • Entertaining
  • Uplifting
  • Revitalising
  • Youthful
  • Playful
  • Freeing
  • Light-hearted
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Exhilarating
  • Novel
  • New
  • A Treat


Question 3.

What does fun, for the fun of it, look like to you?

5 Examples from me…

  • A day at the beach with family or friends, bonus: warm weather, bigger bonus: nice waves to surf.
  • Painting outside in the sunshine with my favourite upbeat music playing in the background.
  • Exploring nature, coastlines, forests, mountains in mild weather.
  • Movie night with good company.
  • Dancing spontaneously around the house when I hear a song I love.

If your list from question 1 is somewhat limited, look at your list from question 3 and commit to bringing more fun things from list 3 into your lives.

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

Yoga Fun

Yoga asana practises come in all different forms; I find some styles more fun than others, which is why I’m drawn to Vinyasa Flow, and if i’m in the mood for something particularly fun, I’ll choose classes described as “playful and creative”.

As a teacher and practitioner, I believe in intelligent sequencing and often work towards a peak pose. But every now and again I find it fun and healthy to mix things up a bit, A. For the benefits of keeping things fresh and for variety, and B. Sometimes it feels good to just do whatever your body feels like doing, seated stretches, creative sequencing, non-traditional yoga poses etc.

There is so much on offer in Yoga, so if you find yourself finding less enjoyment from your practice than normal, maybe try a different style of yoga, or a new teacher, maybe explore pranayama (breathwork), or chanting. If you want to spice up your self practice, another option could be to play around with doing your classic postures slightly differently, with a fun twist in a way that feels good.

Fun Traps

Being a non-drinker I am shocked at how reliant people are on alcohol to have fun in social gatherings, parties, events etc. For many, socialising and alcohol go hand in hand, as does dining and drinking. Unfortunately, for some, the only fun situations they find themselves in are when they are drunk.  If you can relate to any of the above instances, I challenge you to explore what it’s like to engage in social situations sober.

See if you can have fun without the use of substances, alcohol or otherwise. You may find you gain greater joy in being fully present and mentally switched on with those or that which you are engaging with.  And you’ll gain the benefits of feeling fresher the next day, ready to have more fun.  Alternatively, you may find drunk people annoying and boring, but don’t worry, the positives are that it could lead you to another world of non-drinking social activities and others ways to have fun.

I’m not saying drinking is bad, I just want to encourage you to explore other options… the possibilities of which are limitless.

Also, sometimes we get caught up in what our partner, children, family and friends find fun, mistaking their fun outlets for ours.  Remind yourself of your ideas of fun and move towards them.

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

Addicted To Fun

As we are all leading very different lives, it’s worth noting that sometimes too much of a good thing loses its benefits, and that includes one’s excessive desire for fun.

If you are someone who is perpetually seeking pleasure and joy, and it’s either creating an imbalance in your life or negatively impacting those closest to you, be mindful of this.

Final Fun Thoughts

I don’t know about you but playing uplifting music makes most things fun for me. I find it a great hack, so next time you are in need of some fun vibes crank up your favourite tunes.

Remember, everyone’s fun palate is different; avoid judging the tastes of others.

Don’t beat yourself up if you are swamped in work or other commitments/duties, and you find it hard to factor in time for fun, for fun’s sake. Start small and with what’s easy, do what you can and don’t compare yourself to the fun everyone else seems to be having. Look also at long term solutions, and maybe make a plan for something in the future.

Have Fun x

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