Earth Element

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“Prithivi” – “Bhumi” – “Gaia”

Sense – Smell

Characteristics – Steady, slow, grounded, practical, pragmatic, primal, stable, dense, solid matter, firmness, physical structure in the body, mental and emotional stability in mind, solidity, mass, resilience, safety, gravitas.

Empowerments / Qualities – Steadfast, consistent, patient, regular, supportive, full of stamina, doesn’t give up, tenacious, disciplined, trustworthy, nourishing, welcoming.

Shadow Aspects – Lethargy, stagnation, critical, complacency, stubbornness, rigidity, unwillingness to change, inflexible, possessive, demanding, overly attached, controlling, heavy, stuck, all work no play, emotions – sadness and depression.

Lessons – Worthiness, get grounded, be at ease in own skin.

Patterns of Movement – Slow / Steady / Holding / Cyclical / Primal

Ayurvedic Dosha – Kapha (Earth & Water)

Chakra – Mulhadhara

Finger – Ring Finger

Mudra – Prithivi

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

“People who exhibit the Earth element are regular in their practice and continue to show up consistently over time. They are grounded in their life, studies, and teaching. Practical by nature, they attend to the common sense things in life. Earth element compels people to give, nurture, and serve. Earthy-types tend to be very generous, self-reliant, hard-working, tactile, and lead by example.” Sianna Sherman

If you are feeling unsettled, ungrounded in any way, want to gain more clarity, or want to create more connection to the earth energy helping cultivate more of its qualities within you, then spend more time in nature with greater awareness of the ground beneath you.

Walk mindfully, barefoot on the grass, sand or soil; sit down on it; lay down on it.  How does it feel? Feel the physical points of contact, feel the pull of gravity, feel the temperature and texture. Immerse yourself in a forest, do gardening, smell flowers, plant a tree, hug a tree, stand on top of a mountain, meditate in the wild. You can also do the above as a visualisation meditation if you are inside and surrounded by nothing natural.  Be still, be quiet and listen.

Practise yoga outside, in nature if possible, whether that be in a garden, a park, on the beach or in the woods. Work with postures that focus on the legs and pelvic floor, whether that be in a reclined position, on all fours, or standing.

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

Activate your muscles to hug the bones, feel the drawing of energy into your being. When standing, visualise roots or a grounding cord from your navel centre down your legs through your feet deep into the earth’s core. And when your hands are also on the floor, visualise roots from your palms into the earth below. Now focus on the connection and continual flow of balanced energy between you and the earth.

Sometimes I find moving to tribal or shamanic music with a slow, hypnotic, steady drumbeat helps me tap into that primal quality connected to the earth element.

As you move into the posture, when you hold it, and when you move out of it, try to move slowly and steadily, with strength, control and ease. Be firm but not stuck. Move with purpose and confidence. Balance determination and resilience with nourishment and patience. Feel the solid mass of your body and the pull of gravity without feeling sluggish.

Practise the above suggestions regularly and notice the difference in your physical, mental and emotional energy.

Amy Bell Yoga Teacher Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

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