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We can all probably relate to falling into a habit of being too materialistic. Often we become overly absorbed in our physical world and lack connection with the more magical and mystical spiritual world.

In my experience, having a spiritual practice helps bring me back home to my truth, my higher self, my connection to consciousness. I also feel a greater sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life.

Let me introduce the 7th Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Sahasra = One Thousand
Sahasrara =the “Lotus of the Thousand Petals”

Working with this Chakra assists in going beyond the realm of your individual awareness and senses.

“The Sahasrara provides the energetic connection by which you can transcend your mundane sense of duality, that is your experience of self and other, subject and object, masculine and feminine.” Swami Saradananda

It is the energetic passageway to your connection with the Divine, bringing a sense of unity and oneness.

Your body/mind/heart energy is scattered.
You feel disconnected from your intuitive awareness.
You feel stuck in the experience of the lower chakras, which deal primarily with survival and pleasure.
You lack joy and inspiration.
You don’t feel any awe and wonder in life.
You’re self-absorbed in your worldly existence.

Then you may benefit from balancing and opening up this energy centre/portal – the Sahasrara Chakra.

(If you think your crown chakra energy is excessive, it would be more beneficial to ground yourself and work with the lower chakras instead.)

Check out my ideas below to help you build a spiritual practice as a foundation and explore ways of working with the crown chakra.

Amy Bell Yoga Wellness Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog

Ideas for creating a space for ritual.

  1. Vase/jar of fresh, beautiful flowers that bring you joy.
  2. Light a candle, or burn incense (sandalwood), sage or palo santo.
  3. Inspiring reading material.
  4. Images/statues that bring you meaning/joy/inspiration/connection to God – the Divine – Consciousness.
  5. Yoga mat (plus meditation cushion/block).


Ideas for your practice.

  1. Meditating (See specific Sahasrara Meditation link below)
  2. Practising yoga (inverted postures – head below heart, greater awareness of sending/receiving energy out of crown chakra.)
  3. Practising gratitude (for non-physical things).
  4. Chanting / Listening to chants (eyes closed helps the divine connection).
  5. Journalling (Prompts – What material things am I attached/addicted to that I would like to lessen the grasping off? What helps me find inner peace and greater connection to others and my higher consciousness? What ways can I find more trust and relinquish control?)
  6. Contemplative reading (Quotes/Books – I love “The Splendor Of Recognition”).


Ideas for integration (Sahasrara focussed).

  1. Practice mindfulness throughout the day – raising levels of awareness in all that you do, and the transitions between activities.
  2. Be in nature and at one with it – be fully present.
  3. Broaden one’s perspective beyond one’s own limited experience of the material world – contemplation / living an examined life.
  4. Be in a state of awe and wonder of the natural world – plants, animals, season, land, earth, sky.
  5. Open one’s mind to the unknown and intangible, reminding oneself of our stardust existence and that we are energetically held to a planet that is spinning around in a universe, in a galaxy amidst millions of other galaxies (Hubble telescope reveals 100 mill galaxies – likely to be double + ).
  6. Feel a sense of connection with something greater, more powerful, more intelligent than we humans will ever be.

“the lotus reminds you to remain centered in pure awareness, connected to your central channel or core, even as chaos and complexity unfold around you. Staying centered helps you keep connected with Source in the most direct way, without getting pulled off track by all the events blossoming around you.” Anodea Judith

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