Leaning In

Last year I had to do a lot of “leaning in”… two circumstances were particularly significant that I learnt a lot from… Hurdle 1… Firstly, when I graduated as a yoga teacher, spring 2018, I knew I had to be brave, trust my knowledge and

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Amy Bell Yoga Blog Post. Interconnection, Shifts & Positive Changes to mind and body

Yoga, Interconnection & Shifts

I discussed in my previous blog that life is one big interconnection and due to this, multiple shifts happen when you change one area of your life.  Here is what happened to me… Diet When my yoga practice started to deepen and I felt its

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Because Yoga Is A Lifestyle

Thanks for checking out my first blog post.  I wanted to write a little something that expands on the theme and direction I wish this blog to grow.  The reason for making it a lifestyle blog is because we are all trying to navigate our

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