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Tips For Yoga Students (Part 2)

Taken from my years of experience as a student, here we explore ways we can gain the most out of the yoga class and our personal practice. ABILITIES: PROGRESS & NO COMPETITION Something a little more positive to be reminded of is that everyone who

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yoga plank

Tips For Yoga Students (Part 1)

The first 3 tips I wish to share with you are more practical ones.  Here’s why…what I have come to realise is that what might seem obvious and common knowledge to me is new and informative to others.  The following guidance will be particularly helpful

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Turmeric Latte

Golden Mylky – Turmeric Latte

Here I share with you my homemade Turmeric plant-based latte filled with lots of golden healthy goodness, a perfect winter warmer, and delicious post yoga drink… Handy Tips: 1. You don’t need all these ingredients to make this drink, it still works if one or

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Meditation, Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga Asana & Meditation “Meditation is a process of lightening up, of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realizing that any wisdom that exists, exists in what we already have. We can lead our life so as

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Personal Growth Guidance

Inspiration & Trust… Recently I became fired up following a Yoga and Personal Transformation weekend with the international kundalini yoga teacher Gloria Latham.  I came away inspired, with more clarity and more of a committed mindset towards my career and life in general.  It’s interesting

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Embracing Veganism

Vegansim in today’s world… Now more than ever people are thinking about the choices they make and what industries they support with their wallet.  Across the board there is a sense of ‘awakening’ and millennials in particular are now questioning everything, and as a result

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Fire Up Your Inner Light

I am prompted to write about this as a while back I was gifted a pack of Osho Zen Tarot cards.  (Don’t worry I’m not going to go off on a woo woo mystical tangent here.)  Every now and again I’ll draw a card or

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Yoga Is Evenness Of Mind

“ “Yoga is evenness of mind”: detachment from the dualities of pain and pleasure, success and failure.  Therefore “yoga is skill in action”, because this kind of detachment is required if one is to act in freedom, rather than merely react to events compelled by

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My 3 Day Water Fast

At the end of March I embarked on a three day water fast, which meant I consumed nothing other than water after my last meal on Thursday night, right through to Monday morning when I broke the fast with a pressed veg & fruit juice.

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