Because Yoga Is A Lifestyle


Thanks for checking out my first blog post.  I wanted to write a little something that expands on the theme and direction I wish this blog to grow.  The reason for making it a lifestyle blog is because we are all trying to navigate our way through life the best way we can with the current mindset and information we have.  Therefore, I am passionate about sharing any interesting and insightful material that may help you on your own journey to living life more healthily, radiantly and consciously.

I am curious about the subject of health and am constantly exploring how we can support and improve our own health, and even though yoga is an important ingredient and starting point for that, what has become very clear to me over time is the strong element of ‘interconnectedness’ within our own lives, the lives of others (human and animal) and the environment we live in. It’s incredible how a positive shift in one area of your life can have such a knock-on effect to other areas that it ends up completely transforming your whole life, and possibly others.  Likewise the wellbeing of others affects us too.  Acknowledging this I have therefore created the following categories for this blog “The Being We Embody”, “The Life We Live” and “The World We Inhabit”.  Now when it comes to health I not only think about my own health (which is how my journey started) but I care about the health of my family, friends, society, the animal kingdom, and the environment.

Coming back to yoga, one reason the physical practice of yoga has become so popular today leans towards the fact that society has become very sedentary and knowing that is not good for our health we seek a practice that gets us moving in a way that helps improve our fitness, strength, and flexibility all at the same time, which yoga does very effectively.  But then you ask yourself why is it Yoga, in particular, that has recently become the go-to practice for so many people in the west?  On a mass scale, we undeniably have lost the plot in living a healthy balanced lifestyle and therefore are seeking (consciously or subconsciously) something that also helps bring our mind and body into harmony.  We are all trying to be that little bit happier, healthier, more content and more peaceful in life and those who practice yoga are finding that it’s helping them achieve just that.

I mention ‘the mind’, as yoga not only has physical benefits but also mental and emotional benefits.  As the physical tensions are released so are the ones that reside in the mind and the heart.  The meditation and breath-work are particularly helpful for the modern day woman/man who is busy juggling their work life, family life, and social life, and coping with all the associated stresses, strains, and distractions.

And it gets better, the positive and transformational effects don’t stop there, well they certainly didn’t for me.  Yoga has so much depth and its philosophical teachings have changed me as a person…I feel more connected and compassionate towards myself, to others, to life itself and mother earth.  Yoga is experiential and shifts one’s feeling of wellbeing instantly, and over time greater shifts in one’s thoughts, outlook, beliefs, perspectives and purpose of life will also occur (in different degrees of course).  That’s when one really begins to realise the interconnectedness of life, our human potential and the power of yoga.

In my next blog, I will reveal some of the interconnected shifts that I noticed in my own life as a result of practicing Yoga consistently, so go ahead and check it out.


Peace and love,

Amy x

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