My Story

Ch.1 "Exploring"

In a nutshell: I’m a passionate yogini with a strong desire for all beings to be happy and free.  I’m also an artistic, creative soul; a lover of animals and nature; and an advocate of healthy, conscious, vegan living.

My roots lie in the muddy fields of North Wales, where I was surrounded by wide open spaces, cats, sheep, and a big loving family.  From early on I was active and fit, excelling in all types of sports and physical pursuits.  I also thrived in the performing arts and had visions of becoming a successful actress. 

During my late teens, I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga through my school and my sister (who recently qualified to teach).  It was also around this time I became interested in health and nutrition due to gut issues.

Like for many though, my yoga journey had some fits and starts.  I spent my early twenties immersed in my studies at a London Drama school and my yoga practice and healthy lifestyle fall to the wayside.

Ch.2 "Becoming"

It was only a matter of time before my yoga practice and I reunited.  I began reaping all the benefits again and shifts started to happen in my life.  My practice and spiritual curiosity deepened, I started meditating daily, I gave up alcohol, and by my late twenties I became Vegan and was thriving off a plant-based diet.

I was still in London, acting here and there and the painter within me also began to express itself with great fervour.  Yoga, however, was my one consistent and aligned with my growing interest in health and wellness in mind and body. 

Before I knew it, I was putting most of my time, energy and money into advancing my Yoga practice and the pull towards becoming a teacher grew strong.

Ch..3 "Sharing"

This led me to completing my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Mercedes Sieff in 2018 and I have been teaching full-time since.

I currently teach private classes in West and Central London, specialising in “Vinyasa Flow”.  This style of yoga allows me to be creative and draw upon the best of what I’ve learnt over the years (from many different styles) and merge it into the classes I teach today.  

I am grateful to be on this teaching path that is supporting and benefitting others whilst also enabling me to flourish and be fulfilled.  It brings me so much joy seeing my students be inspired to live well and do well.  Their passion, progression, and commitment in turn inspires me to keep learning, growing and sharing.  

I have now completed a further 400 hours of training with Sianna Sherman, founder of the Rasa Yoga School, and my studies with her continue to this day.

Ch.4 "Evolving"

Even though I am still based in London I feel a deep calling to intensify my connection with Mother Earth.  I am acutely aware of the interconnection between one’s own wellness and the wellness of our planet, therefore I’m also learning more about sustainability, regeneration and environmentalism.  We have to not only take care of our internal, physical, embodied environment but also our outer environment, hence my increased focus on living more eco-consciously.

Yoga helps one achieve optimal health in mind and body, and is a practice and way of life which can lead to inner freedom, ending inner suffering.  But as we are a human collective on this earth, we are personally not free until we are all free.  Therefore, social justice and equality for all are also important matters within our outer environment that I am starting to improve my knowledge upon, greaten my understanding in and taking action in supporting.

I hope you will join me for the ride as I dive deeper on this journey of Union, which has many facets, but ultimately one goal, wellbeing and liberation for all.

love + peace