Online Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Amy, and I teach yoga classes online. I’m here to support, guide, and inspire you on your journey towards greater wellbeing through the power of yoga.

Having discovered yoga over 20 years ago, explored all its wondrous, healing depths, and trained with teachers from around the world (gaining over 650 hours of certified training), I have an abundance of knowledge and passion to share with you.

It brings me great joy in seeing people’s health improve, their lives transform and the positive impact it has on those around them.  Come practice yoga with me and let the benefits begin.

Want to know more about me and my yoga path?

I offer bespoke private classes online that are curated around your needs and aspirations.  We work together at your pace and at your convenience.

The style I specialise in is Vinyasa Flow, which offers me the freedom to take the class in different directions depending on what you wish to achieve in any given session.  Whether that be strength and fitness, mobility and flexibility, or meditation and breathwork, I can offer an intelligently sequenced class specifically designed for you.

Connection, awareness and mindfulness will always be present in my classes and serve as the foundation for your transformation.  Yoga means “union”, so my approach is one of integration: mind – body – soul –  self – others – planet.  

From all the years of being a dedicated Yogini I am able to offer deep insight into what I teach, with a quality of true embodiment.  As a student myself, committed to continual study, my students reap the benefits from my evolutionary growth.  I am deeply connected to the roots and philosophy of yoga, whilst at the same time stay educated with the latest science in various health related fields (body, mind, breath, movement, and more) all of which inform my teaching.

Are you ready to ignite your yoga practice with a little (or lot) of help from me?  If so, then let’s get started!

As I journey along the spiritual and wellness path, I consistently find inspiration and gain new insights into how to live with more peace, joy and better health.

My approach is a wholesome one, exploring teachings and practices that; support us mentally, emotionally and physically; and remind us of our connection to others, Mother Earth and beyond.

If you are also interested in such topics, and wish to improve your overall wellbeing, whilst seeking a little more meaning and depth to life, then I invite you to peruse my musings, yogic teachings and guidance here.

Healthy, Radiant, Conscious Living